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While the need for governance has always existed, corporate governance and particularly risk management has been given centre stage as a consequence of a number of high profile business collapses.

Tightening economic prospects, both at a national and international level, will only raise the bar for good governance for companies of all sizes both in respect to customers and shareholders.

As a result, there is greater pressure from investors, stakeholders and the public for further transparency of financial reporting and internal controls, together with the broadening of directors' responsibilities to safeguard their interests in terms of ensuring that financial controls and systems are robust and defensible.

It is becoming common knowledge that national legislation and international standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, and requirements of the FSA in the financial sector, have made directors liable if they fail to ensure that accountable risk management frameworks are established and maintained in their organizations.

What is less understood is what is meant in practical terms by a risk management framework and how this relates to companies of all sizes. Furthermore how this should be addressed in a world where electronic communications is the de facto form of communication, knows no borders, easily accessible and where few - if any - controls are practiced. 

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