Automates the creation, distribution and testing of written Policies

GOVIT Policy Center is the most comprehensive solution for developing, implementing and managing policies, standards and procedures from any department within your organization.

A successful GOVIT Policy Center implementation provides increased levels of employee awareness and results in raising corporate compliance to applicable laws, regulations and guidance that affect organizations in any industry. 

The Benefits

Deliver policy and standards content out-of-the-box.

Automates manual processes 
Demonstrates compliance to regulations cost effectively by automating processes such as the annual distribution and signing of the corporate code of conduct.

Employee awareness of organization policies 
Distributes approved policies to employees and others via on each user’s role in the organization.

Tests, evaluates and reports on employee understanding of policies 
Verifies who has read and understood your policies and standards using Compliance Reporting in GOVIT Policy Center. This feature enables you to eliminate unnecessary paperwork by gathering employee signatures electronically.

Leverages existing user account repositories
You can immediately deploy policies to a large workforce without having to create and manage user IDs, passwords and groups for any of your employees.

Reports and tracks security incidents or violations

Enables you to provide an easy way for employees to anonymously report any incidents or violations they observe, using the same easy-to-use web interface that distributes policies and quizzes to users. 

Technical Features

• Maintains a single copy of every policy, standard and
procedure in the organization
• Permits customer-defined roles to further regulate work flow and maintenance duties
• Provides reports for monitoring user and group compliance
• Provides reports for managing documents and quizzes, access control lists, licensed seats and audit logs
• Offers sample policies and quizzes, CISSP practice exams and security program self assessments
• Includes policy statement libraries for ISO 17799, CobiT, ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and NIST 800-53
• Permits users to interact in six different languages
• Provides a flexible, customer-defined folder structure for document organization and presentation
• Permits user-identified or anonymous submissions
• Provides the ability to manage and create any incident type
• Notifies targeted managers when incidents are submitted 

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